Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Arc- The making of the ‘Flying Wing’ Aircraft-

Indiana Jones Raiders of the lost arc- Flying Wing- Aircraft fight


Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Arc- ‘The Flying Wing’ Aircraft

We all remember the scene, It’s a Steven Speilberg classic… On our screens in 1981 Professor Henry Jones, Indiana to his friends is fighting the Nazis in the global super hit movie The Raiders of the Lost Arc.

Our anti-hero is in a terrible fight with a Nazi soldier, a mountain of a man wearing no shirt, about to box Indy into the other side of beyond. The loveable Indy, part rogue archaeologist part treasure hunter, is attempting to steal the secret Nazi super aircraft the BV-38 nicknamed  ‘The Flying Wing’ which he believes has the Arc of the Covenant onboard. Punching massively above his weight, our hapless hero survives the fight by the clever use of the whirring plane props as the Nazi soldier fails to duck in time.

The Aircraft was in fact a fake, an extrapolation from other real designs in particular the ‘Horton Ho 229’ flown in 1943 tests by the Luftwaffe, the ‘Flying Pancake’ built by the US Navy and test flown in 1942, and the incredibly odd looking Vought V-173. All of these planes and others undoubtedly provided inspiration for the design which production designer Norman Reynolds settled on for the movie.

The plane visual concept was made into reality by the company Vickers Co. the same manufacturers who produce Rolls Royce vehicles. There was only one plane built which was what they blew up in the desert for the scene, and due to that explosion some of those pieces became lost in the Tunisian desert production site near Tozeur.

These fibreglass remnants were recovered from the site and are now available on the market. These displays are in our store but are of course limited availability.


Indiana Jones mini display ‘Flying Wing’ piece