You only live once, but what a life! After 7 decades in the business, we say goodbye to a Movie Icon, Sir Sean Connery dies aged 90


After a career spanning nearly 70 years, we say a final farewell, thanks for the memories Sir Sean Connery.

The Oscar-winning actor touched our hearts in so many iconic roles. We honour this true movie superstar who has passed away peacefully in his sleep at home in the Bahamas with his doting wife.

Sir Sean won an Oscar in 1988 for his role in the movie ‘The Untouchables’. but is best known for his roles as 007 and as Henry Jones in the Indiana Jones movies, the versatile actor brought to life many other classic films including The Rock, The Hunt For Red October to name but a few, and immortalized on film, his legacy of wonderful movies will continue to bring people happiness many years after he has gone.

Sir Sean started with humble beginnings, born to working-class parents in a poor area of Scotland on Aug 25th 1930.

Despite being very intelligent he quit school aged 13 to work full time in the local dairy, then at 16, he spent some time in the Navy, before being discharged for health reasons.

He returned home and did various jobs, from shovelling coal, to polishing coffins, then he joined the local weight lifting club, which by his own admission was to mostly impress the girls, and trained to enter the Mr Universe competition, working on that enviable figure that helped him to land the Bond role. He came third in the Mr Universe competition but was spotted by a casting director who gave him a part in the stage performance of South Pacific, and there his acting career began.

Sean had never been content to be a labourer and had set to educating himself at the local library, soon developing that charming intellect, so when the opportunity arose, he grabbed it with both hands, travelling to London.

He landed lots of roles in the 1950’s then in 1962 this tall, handsome young man was quickly cast as the ever charming spy 007 in Doctor No and despite many other actors having played the role over the years, Sean remains the firm favourite for a lot of people. This was followed by a string of successful movies in many different genres, cementing his position as a global superstar.

Later in his life he turned down many movie roles, content to live out his life relaxing playing golf in the Bahamas and became quite reclusive in his final years after being diagnosed with dementia.

He brought to life so many of our beloved characters and his list of movie achievements is a long and varied one, but for some people, he will always be Bond, so we raise a Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred, as we say farewell to this acting legend.


Article: Emma Murfin for Movie-Reliquary