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Anthony Mackie will be the new Captain America!

pic- Marvel Anthony Mackie has confirmed that he will officially star in the Captain America 4 movie! The film is co-written by Malcolm Spellman, head writer on the team for “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” Mackie will return as Sam Wilson, the new Captain America. As we saw The Falcon and the Winter Soldier […]


Filming is set to begin in April for the new Disney+ show. It has been announced that Obi-Wan Kenobi, the new series on Disney+ starring Ewan McGregor as the iconic Jedi Master, will begin production in April, of course barring unforeseen circumstances. The series is set 10 years after Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith […]

You only live once, but what a life! After 7 decades in the business, we say goodbye to a Movie Icon, Sir Sean Connery dies aged 90

  After a career spanning nearly 70 years, we say a final farewell, thanks for the memories Sir Sean Connery. The Oscar-winning actor touched our hearts in so many iconic roles. We honour this true movie superstar who has passed away peacefully in his sleep at home in the Bahamas with his doting wife. Sir […]

David Prowse- Original Darth Vader actor dies aged 85

The actor and former bodybuilder from Bristol best known for his role as Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy has passed away at the age of 85.   His agent Thomas Bowington said the actor’s death, after a short illness, was “a truly and deeply heart-wrenching loss for us and millions of fans […]

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Arc- The making of the ‘Flying Wing’ Aircraft-

  Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Arc- ‘The Flying Wing’ Aircraft We all remember the scene, It’s a Steven Speilberg classic… On our screens in 1981 Professor Henry Jones, Indiana to his friends is fighting the Nazis in the global super hit movie The Raiders of the Lost Arc. Our anti-hero is […]

Are character roles interchangeable or even genderless, how much of a character can we change before they stop being that character?

As the 007 franchise announces that the new James Bond Movie will include a woman in the 00 role, we ask…is 00 just a number? IS IT SIMPLY AS EASY AS SWAPPING GENDERS AND CHARACTER TRAITS IN OUR FAVOURITE CHARACTERS TO MAKE THEM MORE PC. OR DOES OUR DESIRE TO BE MODERN RISK DAMAGING SOME […]

Star Wars – Original Sarlacc Location

  In 1981, a film crew working on a project titled Blue Harvest, Horror Beyond Imagination descended on the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area. The name Blue Harvest was intended to mislead the public and hide the fact that the crew was preparing to film scenes for the third movie of the original Star Wars […]