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You only live once, but what a life! After 7 decades in the business, we say goodbye to a Movie Icon, Sir Sean Connery dies aged 90

  After a career spanning nearly 70 years, we say a final farewell, thanks for the memories Sir Sean Connery. The Oscar-winning actor touched our hearts in so many iconic roles. We honour this true movie superstar who has passed away peacefully in his sleep at home in the Bahamas with his doting wife. Sir […]

Werewolves- Movie fiction or paranormal fact?

Werewolves- Movie fiction or paranormal fact?   For as long as records have existed, there have been tales of Werewolves, Lycanthropes, humans with shapeshifting abilities capable of turning into a wolf either at will, using magic, a cursed soul, or the result of a bite infection from another carrier, fated to turn into a Wolf […]

What makes a good Horror movie? We find out the top essential elements.

We love a good horror movie here at Movie-Reliquary, but what elements are essential to make a movie a great one? We think that horror movies are a slightly different viewing experience to that of say an action or superhero movie, and in order for a horror flick to keep you on the edge of […]

Could Zombies become a reality? and why are we so afraid of them?

Everyone loves a good Zombie movie right? Wrong, so what is it that strikes fear into viewers and could it ever become a reality?     Some argue that Zombies press the fear button because by their nature they are mindless selfless creatures, and mirror our inherent fear of unrelenting mortality, by wandering around, not […]