Day of the Triffids- Triffid Root – Screen Used – Sci-fi mini display.


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Day of the Triffids- Triffid Root – Screen Used – Sci-fi mini display.

This great display contains a genuine piece of Triffid root from the 1981 BBC serial ‘Day of the Triffids.’

A terrible catastrophe has struck Earth. Almost everyone on the planet has been rendered blind by the arrival of a super bright comet, its debris lighting up the skies, but the brightness has caused eye damage to the residents of Earth. Bill Masen, who was unable to watch the spectacular but deadly display, finds himself in a nightmare world where he believes himself to be the only person left able to see. But soon he finds Jo Pleyton, who can also see. As the days progress, they find more and more sighted people and together they make plans to build a future. But there is a problem. A walking, carnivorous plant “Triffid,” which up until now was kept safely locked away, has broken free and discovered it has a taste for rotting, human flesh!

The display measures 70mm by 42mm by 12mm thick, is made from 3 layers of laser-cut acrylic with plated stainless steel fixings.

It comes shipped in a padded presentation gift box and has a signed certificate of authenticity printed into the back of the display itself.

It makes a gorgeous gift for any Sci-Fi fan and a wonderful addition to any collection!

Please be aware: All of our displays are lovingly handmade in our workshops, and this level of care takes time, so although we endeavour to get them sent out to you as soon as possible, during busy periods, lead times may extend up to 7 days for our team to produce your display then post it out, so please be patient they are well worth the wait!

Any questions please ask!

Day of the Tryffids
First Broadcast
Display Content
Tryffid root piece
Display Variety
Mini Display
Size: 70x42x12