Doctor Who-Production Used Mandrel Fur Mini Display- Nightmare of Eden 1979

Production: Doctor Who

First Broadcast: 1979

Episode/Character: Nightmare of Eden

Display content:  Mandrel Fur

Display variety: Mini

Size: 70mm x 42mm x 12mm thick

Attribution: Production Used



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Doctor Who Production Used Mandrel Fur – from the Doctor Who story ‘Nightmare of Eden’ 1979 starring Tom Baker.

Two spaceships, the Empress a cruise liner, and the Hecate collide with each other. The TARDIS materialises on the Empress, and the Doctor, Romana and K9 make their way to the bridge where they see the two captains arguing about their losses. The Doctor thinks he knows how to separate the ships. The Doctor and K9 go to the power unit, led there by Secker, who is acting strangely and is disinterested in his work. He sneaks away, unknowingly followed by the Doctor and K9, and takes a drug out of a drawer, moments later the Doctor gets into the drawer and finds it. K9 analyses it – it is Vraxoin, a deadly drug!

The Mandrel Fur is taken from the special effects Mandrel monster which appeared in episode 3 transmitted on the 8th December 1979.

The Mandrel monsters were designed by costume designer Rupert Jarvis with the special effects version constructed by Visual Effects designer Colin Mapson and his assistant Chris Lawson at the Visual Effects workshop on the 20th July 1979 and the episode was recorded at BBC Television Centre Studio 6 on the 27th August 1979.

The fur was obtained from a piece that was given to a crew member and we were able to make these wonderful displays from it, sadly due to the small piece,  we are only able to produce a handful of displays.

As we are limited on displays, we are offering a special price of £49.99 instead of £69.99 on this display, however, as soon as our promotional offer displays are sold out, we will revert to our £69.99 price

This display makes a gorgeous gift for any Doctor Who fan, comes shipped in a padded presentation gift box and has a signed certificate of authenticity printed into the back of the display itself.

The display itself measures 70mm by 42mm by 12mm thick, and is made from 3 layers of laser-cut acrylic with plated stainless steel fixings.

Please be aware: All of our displays are lovingly handmade in our workshops, and this level of care takes time, so although we endeavour to get them sent out to you as soon as possible, during busy periods, lead times may extend up to 7 days for our team to produce your display then post it out, so please be patient they are well worth the wait!