Doctor Who- section of Tarak’s Screen Used costume from State of Decay


Doctor Who-State of Decay-

Still trapped in E-Space, the Doctor’s TARDIS materialises on a Medieval-type planet. The townsfolk live in fear of the Three Who Rule, who govern from their castle above the town. The Fourth Doctor discovers that the rulers are ancient astronauts that became Vampires a long time ago, and their castle is actually their spaceship.When Romana II and Adric are kidnapped, the Doctor must work with a band of renegade peasants to stop the resurrection of one of Gallifrey’s greatest enemies: the Vampire King itself.


This great mini display contains a piece of Screen Used costume fabric from the 1980 Doctor Who Story State of Decay.

Making a gorgeous gift, the display measures 70mm by 42mm by 12mm thick and is made from 3 layers of laser-cut acrylic with plated stainless steel fixings.

The display is shipped in a padded presentation gift box and has a signed certificate of authenticity printed onto the back of the display itself.

The section you receive may vary slightly in size/ colour, but we endeavour to supply a good-sized piece in every display.

Please be aware: All of our displays are lovingly handmade in our workshops, and this level of care takes time, so although we endeavour to get them sent out to you as soon as possible, during busy periods, lead times may extend up to 7 days for our team to produce your display then post it out, so please be patient they are well worth the wait!

Any questions please ask!

Doctor Who
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Tarak Costume section
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Mini Display
Size: 70x42x12