This beautiful mini-display contains a genuine screen used Snappy the Crocodile segment from the animatronic Snappy the Crocodile used in the episode ‘Smoke Me A Clipper’

These are remnants that have fallen off Snappy who is in our personal collection, he has NOT been harmed in any way! and lives a good life in our workshop chomping on guests who visit us.

This display makes a gorgeous gift and is made from 3 layers of laser-cut acrylic with plated stainless steel fixings. The display measures 70mm by 42mm by 12mm thick. The display is shipped in a padded presentation gift box and has a signed certificate of authenticity printed into the back of the display itself.

Note: Several variants of the Mini-Displays are available, size and gift-box images are shown for reference only, you will receive the Snappy the Crocodile display specifically in the gift box as shown.

In stock

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